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We Offer Lessons!

With our experience and your determination,

With our experience and your determination, we promise a greater excitement and energy in promoting various dance styles, improving what you already know, and even helping you learn something new.

 Please read all of our policies BEFORE contacting us.  If you have questions, be sure to contact us!

Dance Classes info!

Edna Stevens teaches Adult African Fusion Explosion Classes at Zenon for the Winter/Spring sessions from on Wednesday, September 19th to Wednesday, December 19th 2018. Come have a blast learning new moves. Ages: 15 and up. Cost: $15 per 60-minute class or $140 for a discounted ten-class card. Register. https://zenondance.org/instructors/edna-stevens/ or at the front desk. Zenon Dance Studio is located 528 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. See you all at class! 

Edna Stevens teaches FREE Community Family African Dance Classes at Hancock Recreation Center for all ages on Monday evenings from 6-7pm. Fall Classes started September 10th 2018, & occur Mondays until December 17th. Come experience cultural diversity by learning a new dance genreLevel: All. Cost: FREE. Register: Call Rec Center (651) 298-4393/Walk-ins welcomed! Location: locatedat 1610 Hubbard Avenue in St. Paul.

Edna Stevens teaches FREE Exploring cultural Dance classes at Dayton's Bluff Rec Center for all ages on Thursday evenings 6-7pm. Fall Classes started September 13th 2018, & occure every Thursdays until Noveber 8th. It will then start back up in December. Exact dates will be posted. Come learn a variety of dances from countries all over the world such as: Cha-Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop & African dancesLevel: All. Cost: FREE. Register: Call Rec Center (651) 793-3885/Walk-ins welcomed! Location: 800 Conway St., St. Paul.

Edna Stevens will teach FREE Youth Hip Hop at Dultuth & Case Rec Center on Fridays 4:30-5:45pm! Stay tuned for exact dates. Dance is alwaya  favorite for the youth. The  classes will lead into a culminating student showcase at the completion of the sessions and also an opportunity to perform with Ms. Edna at UDD upcoming Winter showcase at the end of January. 


We offer single Workshops, Residencies, Performances, Summer Dance Camps and flexible private lessons in different styles of dance including: traditional West African accompanied by live drumming, modern styles of African dance, Kid's Hip hop using clean kids friendly music, Breaking/Hip hop, and basic- intermediate Latin. 

Educational Presentations presented by Universal Dance Destiny

1-"Connection of West African Dance into Modern American Hip hop" aka "D'jembe to Krumpin" and
2-"History of Hip Hop" 

These two educational programs can be presented as a workshop, performance, or a series of workshops (known as a residency). In the first presentation, the students will learn about traditional West African dances and its influence and connection to modern day Hip Hop in America. Traditional songs, dance, and drums signifies the authentic historical component used to represent the cultural aspect of the presentation. As a residency, our professional teaching artists can either use drumming cd’s or have one of our drummers accompany him/her if the client budget allow. "Breaks" in the drumming is compared to the first "break" in the music that set off the Breaking movement. We teach this similarity and comparison to participants. The second presentation concentrates on the Hip Hop era from the beginning to where it has become today. There can be eight to fifteen performers if it is being presented as a performance. Dancers that are skilled in specific dances from the past and present, come out on stage, one after the other to demonstrate them. During the coming years, we add in the newest dances to keep the timeline up to date. This is huge for young audiences especially that are familiar with various popular dance fads. We offer the option to include a spoken word artist and/or Beat-boxer in tying in all the elements. This presentation is beneficial for participants allowing them to see Hip Hop as a true culture and art form. Performers focus on stripping away the negative stereotype that is sometimes associated with the Hip hop movement. Both presentations allow audience participation and Q & A (question and answer) at the end.

3-Therapeutic Dances of Healing Program presented by Universal Dance Ministry

The therapeutic dance program was developed by our ministry division as a method of healing. Dance has been proven to bring joy and uplift our spirit. The American Heart Association recently reported research that dance can be an effective way to improve people’s ability to exercise, also increasing confidence and reducing depression. We offer therapeutic dance programs to various locations and facilities such as: churches, shelters, prisons, group homes, day care centers, assisted living facilities, day programs, and more! It's wonderful for any age group. 

"Dancing brings joy and feelings of wellbeing to the body, mind and spirit. Joy and laughter ease anxiety and fear."

This program can be presented as a one time workshop, or a series of workshops culminating into a final presentation. To view a list of dance choices, refer to our "About Us" page.

4-Traditional Nigerian Dance of Benin Kingdom

Enhance your knowledge of African culture through music and dance using the art of storytelling. Participants will explore the traditions dances of Benin and Urhobo tribes. They will work towards a culminating dance presentation in African attire that they'll showcase on the last class session for family and friends to attend. All dance levels is welcomed. Optional: We could make African costumes out of Raffia, if the client or educational facility budget allows. 


 5- Latin Extravaganza!

Come Cha Cha, Meringue, Bachata, Rumba and Salsa/Mambo to some of the sassiest Latin music in this fun class. Participants learn how to dance alone and also how to partner up. This class will keep you on your toes with fun music, and dance moves.

Private Lessons

All private lessons are 55 minutes long with an extra 10 minutes (5 in the beginning and 5 at the end) for coaching, consulting and critiquing. Our private lessons are $50 per single individual hourly and $90 per hour for couples. We have youth and senior discount packages available. We accept cash, or bank cashier’s checks. Call us today to book one of our well skilled, professional instructors.

Special Family Discounts available! For more details, contact us.


There are no refunds for private lessons because we do not bill in advance. We collect the fee right before the private lesson is about to begin. If you need to cancel, give us 24 hour notice with exception of emergencies. 

Missed Lessons

We totally understand that emergencies can arise. Please contact us at least a day before a private lesson to cancel or reschedule. Thanks!

Entertainment Bookings

We perform at various events that are paid and non-paid. As a business, we are limited to the amount of non-paid shows that we can perform yearly when we get inquiries from organizations with a limited budget. After we have exhausted this limit, we can't perform without compensation. However, we will do our best to work with our client's budget by sizing down either the length of the performance or the amount of performers for the event. As with any company, much of what we make goes back into keeping our company and website up and running. The purchase, rental and maintenance of our costumes, instruments, CDs, iPods, iPod connectors, vehicles and more are costly. Non-paid bookings still cost us the travel expense. For this reason, we require a mileage and travel fee regardless of whether the booking is paid or not. The mileage and travel fee can be found on the IRS standard-mileage website. The rate for 2018 is 54.5 cents per mile for business and 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations. This rate can change yearly. The total distance (round trip) is calculated by the rate. Half of the payment is required for all bookings to secure and guarantee that date and time. If we get another offer for that same date and time, we will turn it down on your behalf if your partial payment was made. We almost never experience a bad booking and pride ourselves on complete professionalism. However, unfortunately the world is imperfect. Unexpected challenges do occur. If for any reason we were unable to get to a booking for emergency reasons beyond our control, or arrive too late because we got lost, we will reschedule to perform at another event you have coming up. We will also give you other options you can choose from. Whichever way, we will do our best to work with you. If you're not willing to choose one of our options or claim that nothing else works, please be aware that Universal Dance Destiny & Ministry will deduct a $100.00 cancelation fee for our time (emails/phone calls), effort, and the expenses including time, it cost us to arrange the booking. We appreciate all inquiries and look forward to working with you.

Event Cancelations

For cancelations initiated by the purchaser, purchaser agrees that Universal Dance Destiny & Ministry will receive 50-percent compensation if the event is canceled more than 10 days before the performance date. If the engagement is canceled less than 10 days before the date confirmed, Universal Dance Destiny & Ministry will receive 100-percent compensation. A $25.00 change fee will be applied if the performance date is changed less than one month before the originally scheduled date.

We appreciate your business and glad to offer you our services! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Universal Dance Destiny Company and School is licensed through ASCAP for rights of music use.

Universal Dance Destiny & our Ministry is licensed
through ASCAP for rights of music use.