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The company and site is purely dedicated to the glory of our one and only Almighty Creator GOD in Christ Jesus, who created us all.


Universal Dance Destiny - Ministry (UDM), is a pioneer Company in Dance Performance and Entertainment. We are dedicated to serving our clients and advancing the art of dancing through our proven experience in this field. Here at Universal Dance Destiny, we offer many services from teaching you how to Dance in many of today's styles, to Event Entertainment,  Theatrical Exhibits, Choreography, Workshops, Residencies, and more. Today UDD has expanded by offering services for every Entertainment and Educational need. more...

African Roads, American Streets

An energetic, heart-felt production filled with powerful movements. Be captivated by a strong mix of theater, street, and cultural performers unraveling a true story through spoken word, hip hop, live drumming and African dance.

"There's lots of kinetic joy and cultural pride in this family-friendly piece"
-Camille Lefevre, Star Tribune

"Many of the dancers in this large multicultural cast are still teenagers but they move with worldly intensity, rubber-band flexibility, and infectious joy."
-Quinton Skinner, City Pages

"Absolutely exhilarating" and "Incredibly uplifting and highly recommended for all ages."
-Lydia Howell, Pulse of the Twin Cities

Click here to see samples of our "African Roads, American Streets" show

Click here to download "African Roads, American Streets" Technical Rider

News & Upcoming Events

Our ministry is going to our 2nd mission trip to Liberia with a performance arts missionary team. We are super excited!Stay tuned for details on how to share in this awesome blessing.

Our ministry division received our 501C3 on March 23rd 2013 and is now an official tax-exempt non profit organization! Join us in the celebration of this great news. Now you can claim any donations you make to our ministry. 

Our Drum and Dance Ensemble rocked the house on Saturday March 15th at St. Thomas University. Stay tuned for awesome pictures from the event!

Dance trial Workshops at the YMCA (selected locations) was a wonderful success in February! We are still running the residency at one of the St. Paul YMCA through Eastside for 2014!

Our 9th Holiday Showcase was an awesome success! Thanks to all our performers that participated and guest for coming and celebrating with us for a wonderful night on January 31st 2013! You can view Archive section of our website for the flyer and a list of the performances. Feel free to refer to photo gallery for the beautiful pictures from the even

The Japan trip was a great experience! The Japanese people was very receptive with the 'Therapeutic Dances of Healing' presentations and workshops in November 2013(see photos in gallery). 


UDD All-Inclusive Wedding Service

UDD All-inclusive Wedding Service

A Division set up to aide betrothed couples in planning their big day without the stress! Here are the two main services we specialize in:

* Choreograph and teach you and your partner a flawless First Wedding Dance for your Reception

* An option to choreograph the Song/Music selection of your choice for the Entire Bridal Party entrance (down the aisle at the Wedding Ceremony or Reception Hall)

However, now we can also help you lighten up your load even more by referring you to our roaster which includes:

-Makeup Artist

-Hairstylist for various hair textures

-Floral/Venue Decorators

-Personalized Bouquet Arrangements



Contact us once you book UDD to choreograph your wedding dance or bridal party entrance, we'll fax or email you our list of artistic referrals (listed above) as an added extra. If you decide to use our referrals, simply mention UDD to get your special discounted rate.

We specialize in Entertainment for every type of event (see our Schedule/Book us page). Whether it's your Birthday Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Holiday Celebration, Wedding, we do it all! Call us today to book us!

We customize themes to best suit our clients. For ex: Hawaiian/Tropical, Sports (pick your favorite one), Disco, 60's/70's/80's/90's, Caribbean, Mexican, Karate, Hip hop Culture, Surfing, African, to name a few (fee varies).

Volunteers/Internship/UDD Board Candidates: 

If you are intersted in internship and volunteering opportunities email us at info@universaldancedestiny.com.

We also offer: Workshops/Residencies/Performances/Educational Dance Curriculum/After School Programs/Private Lessons 

At UDD/UDM, we specialize in workshops, residencies and performances in educational facilities, community Centers, libraries, and more. We offer tailored dance educational curriculum's to go with the facility course of study for our clients and organizations. Our instructors also teach dance lessons at after-School programs and offer affordable private lessons in all the dance genres listed on our "Lessons" page. For cost specifications, contact us today.

Our most popular Educational Presentations

1-"Connection of West African Dance into Modern American Hip hop" and
2-"History of Hip Hop"

These two educational programs can be presented as a workshop, performance, or residency. In the first presentation, the audience will learn about traditional West African dances and its influences and connections to modern day Hip Hop of America. Traditional songs, dance, and drums signifies the authentic historical component used to represent the cultural aspect of the presentation. "Breaks" in the drumming is compared to the first "Break" in the music that set off the Break dance movement. The second presentation concentrates on the Hip Hop era from the beginning to where it has become today. We offer the option to use Spoken word and/or Beat-boxing to tie in all the elements. This presentation help audiences see Hip Hop as a true culture. Performer’s focuses on stripping away the negative stereotype that are sometimes associated with the Hip hop Movement. Both presentations allow audience participation and Q & A (question and answer) in the end. 

3-Therapeutic Dance Program 

The therapeutic dance program was developed as a method of healing for those experiencing hardships or life challenges. It is also beneficial for people with disabilities of all kinds. Dance has been proven to bring joy and uplift our spirits. The American Heart Association recently reported research that dance can be an effective way to improve people’s ability to exercise, also increasing confidence and reducing depression. We seek to partner with other organizations to bring therapeutic dance programs to various locations and facilities such as: churches, shelters, prisons, group homes, day care centers, and day programs. We have made contacts with human services, governmental agencies, pastoral officials, and other nonprofits that have similar goals. The examiner.com quotes:

"Laughter is an expression of an inner feeling of joy and joy and laughter are inextricably related.  Dancing brings joy and feelings of well being to the body, mind and spirit. Joy and laughter ease anxiety and fear. One cannot “worry” when one is dancing. Dancing is like being in the eye of a hurricane."

The workshops culminate into a final celebration presentation at the end of the program that showcase what participants have learned. Parents, friends, supporters, and staff are all invited to celebrate the achievements of those in the program. The program is flexible in length. To see a list of the selection of Dance Programs to choose from, refer to our "About Us" page on this website. Contact us at info@universaldancedestiny.com for more information or to inquire about us bringing this program to your location.


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"Edna and her troupe were fantastic and I would enthusiastically recommend them for any gathering of people who are twelve, and up to eighty-five. One aspect that I really liked about Edna and her team was that they listened to me. She put together a show that was educational, had a great combination of break dancing, beat boxing and popping, and had some breathtaking moves. She combined having her team perform stunning moves, with demonstrations with the kids. She even provided a historical context, which many of us found highly interesting."

-Peter Shapiro


Click here to check out the video clips from our performance of "African Roads, American Streets" at Michigan Tech's African Student Organization African Celebration.

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We hope that you enjoy our website, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.